Amelia Arsenic designs the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette
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Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Collection is launched

I am exceedingly thrilled to be able to finally unveil the Cold Chemistry collection, an alchemic collaboration between Sugarpill and my brand A is for Arsenic. An elemental collision of dark glamour and nocturnal worlds, the collection features 4 meteoric shimmering shades called Diamond Eyes, Soot & Stars, Elemental Chaos and Subterranean.

A few years ago Sugarpill approached me about collaborating on a palette to embody their darker side while combining it with my personal style and aesthetics. It has been a long journey and a load of hard work to create this collection, but it was certainly worth it as the palette is my favourite makeup product I’ve ever designed to date.

Amelia Arsenic designs the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette

The whole process of creation was very involved as I had to formulate & test the colours, design the packaging and model/style the promotional shoots. Luckily I had the guidance of Kevin, the freakishly talented head designer and co-owner of Sugarpill to oversee the design process and art direction. Through countless scrapped ideas and revisions Kevin pushed me to improve my designs and better myself as a designer.

Normally I work in a vacuum on my designs, so being able to collaborate on this product with Kevin and Amy was great because I think that with all of our superpowers combined we came up with a product that exceeded our individual abilities than if we had worked in isolation.

Amelia Arsenic designs the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette

Detail of the back of the sleeve


I am very proud of the colours that I was able to develop with Sugarpill. I wanted to create a range of glamorous nocturnal shades that not only looked great but also were long wearing (for those wild nights on the town!) If you get a chance to check out the colours in person you’ll see the shimmery luxurious texture of the eyeshadows that’s a little hard to capture in photos. I was so excited to find out that Christine from Temptaliarated the colours and their performance highly in her review.

Amelia Arsenic designs the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette


I’d say that I definitely spent at least the same amount of time designing the packaging for Cold Chemistry as I did formulating the colours.

I was inspired by the visualisation of makeup on a molecular/elemental level, the blackness of space and the beautiful yet haunting Deftones record ‘Diamond Eyes’.

Kevin and I took photos of smashed glass, mirrors and crystals that I then used to create layered textures of reflection/refraction which embodied the shimmery nature of the eyeshadows. The use of geometric spot gloss patterns over matte laminated paper stock added dimension to the printed surface reflecting the prismatic qualities of the eyeshadows.

Amelia Arsenic designs the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette

It was difficult combining photography, pattern and type into a cohesive yet dynamic composition. One of the challenges faced was trying to make the palette look engaging without compromising its functionality. For example the asymmetric mirror was designed to compliment the angular shapes prevalent throughout the graphics. It still functions as a mirror but the extreme shape works within the context of the graphics.

Amelia Arsenic designs the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette

Detail of the back of the palette

Designing makeup packaging can often be tedious because a lot of information needs to be presented with the challenge being how to do so in an expressive way. On the back of the palette I created diamond graphics to represent each colour name instead of simply listing them. I found that working within the limitations of the brief can often lead to unexpected creative solutions.

Amelia Arsenic designs the Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette

I am grateful that I had a chance to collaborate with my friends Amy and Kevin at Sugarpill on the Cold Chemistry collection. It’s been a dream come true to be able to create this collection and I hope it’s the first of many collaborations to come!

The collection is available from and

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